Online platform for staff training and certification

How it was created

Our company is constantly growing and we are in a regular search for new employees. Finding a job seeker with the right level of training is quite difficult. Thanks to 10 years of experience in the IT development market we have accumulated a large amount of knowledge and skills within the company.In 2017 we developed and launched an author's offline programming course in Khabarovsk. Classes were conducted by our employees, practicing specialists with extensive experience. Lectures, practical exercises, teacher feedback are a standard teaching model.
Демонстрация проведения курсов и возможностей онлайн-платформы обучения.
The course became very popular. The number of students grew, but the number of teachers did not. Fortunately, the main area of our work is optimization.

Andrey: «Most of the time was spent on checking practical tasks, so I and a few other employees decided to turn this task into a project. To begin with, we have automated the work with PZ for the student and for the teacher. Now the student needs to go to the site with the assignment form and fill in the highlighted fields. Then the system automatically carried out a pre-check and at the exit the teacher saw the student's work with obvious errors highlighted. Naturally, the teacher still needs to review the work and give his comments, but much less time was spent on this. »

People outside of the IT sector began to learn about training. In 2019, Komsomolsk-on-Amur State University approached us with a request to conduct a full course of studies with them. Which is what we did.

Egor, teacher: «I moved to Komsomolsk-on-Amur for two months: I taught classes, talked with students, checked assignments. For the third month I partially studied from Khabarovsk. Here the platform came in handy, especially in the part that allows you to track the progress of students - the speed of execution, the number of errors. Points, of course.»

While we were teaching the course at the university, there was a request for a second set. It was unprofitable to attract specialists of our company every time.The university administration decided to buy a course from us, train a teacher from among the staff of KnASU and optimize the platform for the specifics of the university. As a result, the university conducts studies for its students autonomously and saves on attracting outside specialists. The experience turned out to be so successful that other educational institutions began to contact us with similar requests.
Онлайн-платформа автоматизировала курсы, помогла привлечь пользователей из других регионов и создала возможность тестировать в удаленном режиме.

How the "Trainer" can help

To train new employees quickly

The platform allows you to create a training system on any topic. Is there a staff turnover in a car parts company and you need to constantly train new employees? We have created an introductory course for them on the "Trainer". Now the HR manager not only saves the time that he used to spend on training new employees, but can also immediately select the best based on test results.

To save time and money during professional development or recertification

The Trainer can help organizations that need to regularly train or re-qualify their employees to reduce the cost of outsourcing and the time spent on training and testing.

To retain knowledge within the company

During the work in any company, knowledge and experience are accumulated. In our practice, there was a client who collected data for several years and, as a result, prepared a whole book with information about sales in his field. it exists only in paper form - it is given to new employees under the supervision of the head of the sales department, and then they check how well the employee has mastered the material. All this is done in order to avoid the leakage of information accumulated over the years from the company to competitors. The “trainer” can fully automate this process and also protect data by controlling the behavior of the student on the platform: how much time he spent on the page, what keys he pressed, whether he took screenshots. In this way, the employer not only simplifies the learning process for all parties and ensures safety, but can also regularly update the course information, keeping it up-to-date.

To attract only motivated employees

When we are looking for a new employee and publish a vacancy, in the text we always leave a link to a mini-course in which we have collected all the necessary information about our company and a small test. As a result, our HR assigns interviews only to those who were motivated enough to take the course and the test, and also saves time on the interview itself, because he does not have to talk about who we are and what we do.
Нашей платформой для обучения пользуются не только компании, но и университеты. Дистанционное обучение и сохранение базы знаний в облаке - сейчас необходимость.

You don't need complex systems

No need to waste time on course registration

The client only provides the necessary information, and on its basis we create a training course with all the necessary stages of testing.

No need to overpay

There are similar offers on the market, most often these are volumetric complex solutions with a large number of modules and the corresponding cost. If the client does not need advanced functionality, then there is no point in overpaying.

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